Tough Mudder Volunteers

How do I qualify for the Volunteer Discount?

To qualify for the Volunteer Discount, you must volunteer for the complete duration of a shift at a Tough Mudder event or World’s Toughest Mudder.  At the event you must check in and out with your Volunteer Coordinator, who will give you a code to register online for the event of your choice before arriving on site to participate. You will be able to choose a code to sign up for either 2014 or 2015 (exc. World’s Toughest Mudder).

If you volunteer on Saturday you can use your discount to run on Sunday or at any future event.  If you volunteer on Sunday you can use your discount at a future event or register and use this process to run on Saturday and volunteer on Sunday.



If you volunteer for:

 - One half-day shift: you can run one event for $40 / £40 / €30

  - One full-day shift: you can run one event for $20 / £20 / €15


You can use your Volunteer Discount to spectate for free at a future event instead of participate at a discount.


If you were a Volunteer in 2013 or before, please read more info here.



See “How do I run a Tough Mudder in 2015 using my Volunteer Discount?” for information on how to redeem your discount




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